12 comments on “White Shirt Weekend: Appealing Gestures

  1. Whoa! What a way to start my morning reading this page. :D Thanks for all the links, too, Eyes. I haven’t watched the Salzburg Tito DVD in a while. I think I’ll have a revival this weekend.

    Love all the shots indeed, especially the Mariendl one. I remember the scene that was taken from… and there’s a really fun moment right after she struck that pose, I think… Got a bit of a hand from the handsy Baron Ochs! ;)

    Thanks a bunch and hope your weekend has started well!

      • why whacky? “except” for the cute polar bear, i thought i was very well produced and more importantly sung :-).

        • Wrong word perhaps? but I did find certain production aspects quite strange. Perhaps also I thought the wonderful performances went without saying and it seemed I was overlooking them – not my intention!

  2. :D I love the moment of attitude <3
    Here's another one, but as a fan you surely know it already. One of my personal favourites, La Kasarova innocently toying with ropes…

    • A compelling image indeed! Do we know the context of the photo? or is innocent rope-toying an every-day occurence in some European countries?

      • It looks like a promotional photo of sorts. I wouldn’t go as far to suggest rope-toying would be an every-day occurence around here ;)

        So, I don’t know whether the photographer wanted to convey a specific message with his choice of props. However, I like to imagine over-eager critics, bound and gagged, just-so out of sight ;)

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