35 comments on “White Shirt Weekend ……. Diva Digits

  1. Oooh! I shoulda been paying more attention to their hands! :D Haven’t a clue on many, though I think:
    #1 = Cecilia Bartoli
    #2 = Brigitte Fassbaender
    #5 = Vesselina Kasarova
    #6 = Renee Fleming
    #7 = Malena Ernman

    Have a great weekend, too! :D

  2. No. 7 must be Malena Ernman because nobody else sings with that disco background.

    You made it easy, Eyes, because you let us see their clothes? So Bartoli, Otter (who else will get photographed wearing a track suit hoodie?) and Renee are easy. The others… hmm…. Good guess if the last one is Fassbaender, I’d never have guessed it.

    Any hints about the others, Eyes?

  3. #5: Frau K
    #6: Rene Flemming
    don’t know who #8 is, but i like her watch! and bag! and left hand grip! must be coz it’s black and white :-D

      • ah ha!! could it be who i think it is??? Cardiff??? that might explain why i like her left hand grip! or everything else she touches? m.u.s.t. k.n.o.w. a.n.s.w.e.r. n.o.w….

        • Nope. The Cardiff association is not the black and white photo but there may be other reasons you like BOTH those photos ( Cardiff + B & W )
          Keep looking! the answers are there.

          • See, I think it’s Kassarova AGAIN, but she disagrees (tha dieu is at m house right now, as you know). We couldn’t figure out the thumb and watch lead, so after many attempts we gave up. I still think it’s Kassarova, again. It’s part of those series of photos that you analyzed accessory by accessory recently.

            • I’m surprised that Dr. T got it wrong …. she should know that LH thumb anywhere, it’s the one that VK always has curved when leading ( frequently ) with the left hand whilst doing the backwards lean. I’ll find the whole photo and post it in a minute.
              So congratulations DtO !! However no-one has yet got number 2. Fassbaender does not feature in this little quiz.

            • for the record, internally i immediately thought it was Kasarova’s hand #2 when I first read this post. I also thought the whole post was about Kasarova’s hands because of the 2 pictures of her hands right at the beginning. But then I allowed myself to be induced thinking that each picture was of a different singer’s and did say to myself that “Harteros” hand was remarkably similar to Kasarova’s :-) .

              ps1: Btw, Eyes, I don’t pay attention to thumbs. it’s the connection between thumb_and_index_finger and the index finger that got me to think immediately it was Kasarova’s hand on #2 ;-)

              ps2: this is also to say i didn’t deduce Harteros’ hands by her hands (i should know them! :-D) but rather by searching for pix of the dress

          • Perhaps you need to look more carefully at the watch and the left hand, particularly the thumb. Think back to close observations you have made.

  4. For the last unguessed photo, I was going to suggest Dame Kiri. Here’s my internal monologue:

    - But it can’t be, her hands must be, um, *daintier* than that.
    - On the other hand, you’ve never seen her hands closely. And she does wear white a lot. And that bit of hair in the picture matches her hair colour.
    - Yes, but that skin looks too dark.
    - Which is only appropriate–remember, she’s not WASP, she’s part-Maori.
    -Holy mackerel, yes.

    So: Is it Kiri?

    • And the winner definitely is Definitely the Opera! :D Great guesses!! Does that mean that you now get to buy our next round of virtual beer? ;)

      • I think I would prefer a virtual feast – perhaps some of DtO’s special chocolate cookies, Dr. T’s Vietnamese dumplings or something from Anik’s kitchen. Do you have a culinary speciality Smorg? I’m hopeless.

        • Hey, I’ve been told that I’m pretty good at boiling water. I’ve only burnt it once…. so far. ;D

          On the other hand, Thadieu has survived my spicy Tom Yum soup once so maybe that’s a safer choice. :)

          • hey, i was just talking about that soup!! did u know i attempted that soup at DtO’s ? Eyes, did you know there’s a YT post by smorgy about it? that’s how i learned :-)

            On a related note, i was still confused. As it turned out, i really thought Frau Harteros’ hand was Frau K’s !! but surely, there was something about that left hand grip in that B&W pix that got me :^D.

            • I’ve searched YT for Smorg Soup – cannot find it!
              Still not surprised about the B&W pic as I’m sure Frau K’s left hand has drifted into your subconscious through hours of entranced video watching casual observations ;)

            • Hey An! You know what? I thought I had made a video of that soup, too, but apparently I hadn’t (I only see the Tom Kha chicken soup at Youtube and Y!AC), and only wrote about making it with some photos on the blog ( http://smorgzone.blogspot.com/2009/12/apartmentful-of-influenza.html ). Must fix that in a jif. Thanks a bunch for bringing that up. :D How did it turn out at DtO? (btw I’m immensely enjoying your Toronto opera experience. Thanks for posting about them on your blog!).

              Smorg… will now be seeing VK’s left hand stirring in the air as I stir the tom yum soup into being…. Yum! ;)

  5. …. Cannot believe I missed this lovely guessing game — my guess would have been Kasarova is also the black and white one. But so unsure about the rest! I love hands, but apparently I’m more focussed on those of male singers and musicians. Weird really.

  6. Hey, Lankin, nice to see you.
    Well done on the black and white photo – your instinct was correct. It shows you are particularly Kasarova Aware even though you main focus may be elsewhere ;)

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