34 comments on “White Shirt Weekend: White shirts ‘n’ waistcoats.

  1. i was just thinking about that exact shirt last night… _exact_, and in that precise top photo too…
    ps- so you got one for yourself? an antique whiteshirt and waistcoat with back belt?

    • Unfortunately I could not justify the cost ( so many books bought ) but I do already have several work outfits which include these very garments so I am neither shirtless nor waistcoatless!!

  2. Fantastic! I feel a trip to Hay coming on. I hope you don’t mind me asking where specifically these vintage clothes shops are?
    Also, does anyone in the WS universe know how to convert a ladies dress size to a chap’s shirt size??

    • I have to admit that the antique shops are somewhat of a blur being as I also “did” the ones in Leominster, Abergavenny, Ludlow and sundry other places. I cannot remember seeing any sizing on shirts which could be converted, although there may have been a collar size, so taking a tape measure or being brave and trying on may be the best option.
      The one place which is hugely memorable is Booth Books, 44 Lion Street. More fabulous books than you could ever dream of, a relaxing environment including squashy sofas on which to browse AND … go on a day when the cafe is open ( the later part of the week I think ) The range of goodness is amazing – try the apple and treacle tart – and the people delightful. If you can go on a Thursday it’s market day so extra enthralling sights. Car parking is a nightmare so go for the official carpark which is signed and watch out for those Welsh instructions!
      Have you got your DVD yet?

      • I’m taking copious notes and writing all the tips down. :D Treacle tart, ay? That sounds yummy and sticky!

        Your advice to try the shirts on is a great one everywhere, I’m afraid. Here in the US the clothes sizes seem quite different from brand to brand even. :( Can’t just trust the number anymore.

        I’m envious of you Europeans! We marooned-on-the-wrong-continent kids won’t get ours until the 27! Waaaaaahhhh! :o

        • Yes, we are blessed indeed. But the REAL Europeans get most of the live performances. Having said that you can play a DVD again and again and ……… ;)
          I thought you had gone walkabout?

  3. Thanks for the advice! I am lucky to be quite familar with Hay, Booths used to be a very dark and dusty place but always wonderous, and I didnt know it now has a cafe! For any prospective visitors to Wales don’t worry about the bilingual signs, any problems and a friendly local will help you out :) Sounds like you had a good trip though.
    By the way, Alcina was supposed to be my date for the evening as well! The hussey !

  4. ah, i spent my morning getting frustrated not able to see the german ladies (football) live ;-)
    now have 1/2 hr to get to office in order to catch that live broadcast with our summer giulietta (any giulietta who fit so snuggly into VK’s arms deserves to be heard uninterupted!)
    and then just saw english captions on videos smorgy posted too!! better get going else i miss everything. greetings again Eyes, so a nice closet of whiteshirts and waistcoats you have ay? i *slightly* jealous.

    and sorry Sarah, i would help but my shirt-shopping talent is so high i didn’t understand your questions :-D (that is to say my sisters normally buy shirts for me, i haven’t a clue)

  5. cute pool still in progress, got *quite* distracted today by footage! in fact, i so distracted pool got delayed because by the time i ran out looking for help everyone has left! (so back to office to finish footage re-run + 1 round of alcina ;-) ). It’s got quite a nice effect on me, the very little english text instead of intruding german subtitles… Di cor mio = thadieu wiping sweat!
    i a bit disappointed they didn’t use radio recording though. surely the radio recording has 2 spots of sound hiccups, but you’d think those sound engineers can sort that out. at this point i can only think it’s some copy-right issue between radio and tv channels…

    • So – you will become even more of an expert on Alcina ( the opera that is, obviously *not * the soprano !!!! )
      Perhaps you should start up an Alcina degree course? Remember there is a research assistant here ready to help ;)
      btw. My red dots ceased to function at 7.30am yesrerday. How are yours??

    • oh, did i tell you the acting was different from the first 2 nights? :-)
      on the first night, at the end of “la bocca vaga” she insisted the chair to be moved left, a little right, then more right, before climbing on. on 2nd night, she insisted a little more the other way. the facial expression was just priceless. here she only asked him to adjust it once, then climbed on it.

      also, when Oronte was telling Ruggiero how deceiving women were (what outragerous lies!!), she made many attempts to interrupt him. Here she almost didn’t do any of it, but she has this fake “hahaha” while he was singing “hahaha”, quite funny :-)

      ah, and while i’m at it. i know why “si son quella” on the dvd didn’t have the same effect on me as the 2nd night: frau H sang it a bit too strong. Only in the 2nd A (in this ABA thingy) she literally dropped off in despair in the voice, and the music came to a stand still, then thadieu’s heart broke (how can anyone make her this sad, hooooowwww)

      oh, and dear assistant, perhaps we can get started by analyzing Maestro Minkowski’s take on the music in the footage? looove it when he said to leave room for hope during Oronte’s aria “un momento di contento”. also how VK wanted to finish “Sta nell’ircana”, YEAH!

      • I think already you have studied more than I. I feel some serious watching and concentration coming on.
        How does the thought of a different Alcina character sit with you? Having seen the lady in London I can certainly admire the voice, although more in the traditional and controlled style, but anything else in the way of acting, especially interaction, leaves me feeling slightly queazy! You know how much importance I put on hands in general – just glance at the lady’s hands in the recent photos. And the height issue puts a whole new dimension on things.
        Oh – and the thing you describe so wonderfully with the chair – shows how spontaneous the acting was ( perhaps she knew you were in the house more than once? ;) )

        • ah, finally we got a glimpse of this ourselves thanks to some high quality taping!! i can only say she looks soooo handsome!!! i can’t believe it! as for Alcina, it looks like a pg-13 version of the dvd :-D . hard to say much with just one clip, but doesn’t look like they got as many chemical reactions out of that relationship as last year ;-) . Isn’t amazing how emotional (and moving) Ruggiero is though? *love* . This one is also quite cool, how she “hunts” bramadante around the stage.

      • finally got around to answer this :-) (and answer here to make box less narrow)
        have to say i’m “open” to other alcina :-). you never really know until you see/hear it to feel how the two *lovers* interact. Examples would of course be the various Giulietta’s she has had over the years, or Vitellia, Sophie, Amenaide… In the end I have trust in the music, and i think if they can get the emotion across, i’d feel it ;-). That said, am not sure how much frau H you can reproduce… I now walk down the street humming “di cor mio”, only missing things are eyes wide open, a soft neckline, shoulder shake, a…. ahhh

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