30 comments on “White shirt weekend: Which Octavian?

  1. Oooh! What a way to start a weekend with. :D I’ll go…
    Photo / Voice:
    1. Elina Garanca / Anne Sophie von Otter
    2. Anne Sophie von Otter / Susan Graham
    3. Vesselina Kasarova / Elina Garanca
    4. Anne Howell / as herself
    5. Sophie Koch / Tatiana Troyanos
    6. Susan Graham / Vesselina Kasarova
    7. Tatiana Troyanos / Sophie Koch

    Have a good weekend, Eyes! It’s bright and sunny here (in Southern California) today. I’m cleaning up and doing laundry before heading out of town again tomorrow. One of these days I’ll get to stay in one place and start collecting moss, I hope. :)

    • Er…. on second thought, I think I switched Graham and Koch on the first guess… So the voice #2 is more likely Sophie Koch, and #7 is Susan Graham… I just thought Graham usually sounds more stable than that. I think I have the other ones right, though.

  2. There’s one set of guesses in already but I’m keeping them under wraps for the moment in case they exert undue influence :)

    Edit: Likewise with the second set!

  3. AWWW, thanks for starting with who you started with.

    I detect Graham, Kasarova, Garanca and Otter but Howells, Troyanos and whoever’s left escape me. I’m sure I can detect Howells eventually.

  4. *pained conscience* I *just* can’t identify them!!! boo hoo!!!!

    Still, love these games you set up! Thanks eyes!

    • You are not alone, antipodian opera lover. It takes a while and you might start with only one.
      Hint: there are resources out there from which these were taken and that could be a good starting point!j

    • Same on my side of the world… the exercise is fascinating but too “narrow” though none of these ‘Marie-thérèse” are alike and that’s the magic! The last one is ‘spoken’ nearly. This ending is the best page ever written. I am used to listening to the Lucia Popp cast… you know.. Thanks a lot for this very crafty one but I’m off.. too hard! Nice week-end to all of you from very warm South of France..

        • Yes, very hot for Autumn around here… I’ll have a go because I want to try my “ears” and of course “eyes” .. I seem to recognise Sophie Koch too in the pict.`
          so, first -Marie-Th: Susan Graham
          second: A-S Von otter
          third- Marie-Th: Elina Garanca (Congratulations for the baby girl born yesterday)
          Fourth – Sophie Koch
          sixth- marie-Th: Vesselina (could be wrong but she is the only one to utter Ma-rie two distinct syllables…)
          Nice way of ending a very quiet sunday… I do not want to quote a famous film dating from my youth!( British film …)Thanks Eyes nd forget my numerous mistakes…

          • Dear Yvette, if there are any mistakes they are forgotten already! We are all just pleased that you felt like joining in. Thank you for your ideas ( and for telling us about Garanca baby! )
            Some White Shirts are still thinking about this one so I will keep President Smorg’s list a secret for a little while longer- just in case she has a completely correct answer :)

            • Completely correct answer… That won’t be my luck, maestra! I thought I had devised a good cop out out of not reading that longwinded new gospel text my merry Mormon maidens gave me by conveniently forgetting to bring it on the trip. Then I ran into them (and quite a few more equally merry sisters) in at the museum in Old Town and was gifted with yet another copy. :(

              It is being quite warm here in So California, too. I wonder if autumn is sleeping in, still. ;)

              Thanks a bunch (or a bundle) for the good news about Frau Garanca, Yvette! I should probably go look up how to say congrats in Latvian…

              Howdy Dr. T & Dominic! :)

  5. All guesses so far are from the North American continent- come on you Brits.
    In the words of Saint Deliah – “where are you? Let’s be ‘avin’ you” !!!

    • Ha! But one must be given some leeway on account of bewitchment, maestra. We white shirters get a bit entranced hearing the voices of gorgeous mezzos chanting that lovely woman’s name, you know. I think I was spared a bit of the enchantment because my head hasn’t been working right after spending more hours laughing with my merry Mormon visitors. That is bound to knock a few screws loose in one’s noggin. ;)

      Ciao JC & Yvette! Hope your weekend is being beautiful and pleasant! I don’t know why I’m awake (it’s 1:33AM now). I’ve better go and crash before the alarm clock starts ringing and I have to go catch a bus. :P Cheerios!

      • I like that … Merry Mormon Maidens – sounds like a song title !
        Of course there is leeway for bewitchment. I find myself drifting off and I compiled the thing. Actually my head is full of other stuff , having been working all day, and I have forgotten what the answers are.
        For now I also will enjoy listening and watching and I will remind myself who is what when I get back to my computer tomorrow.
        Still waiting for some British input here !
        Still 2 lists of possibilities being witheld for the moment.
        Plus someone's change of mind!

  6. O.K. so I’m not British, but I hope contribution from this side of the Atlantic is a good one:
    1 von Otter
    2 Koch
    3 Garanca definitely
    4 Graham
    5 Howells
    6 Kasarova
    7 Troyanos
    Thanks a lot for the quiz & enjoy the Indian summer.

  7. ‘Watch out for those MMMs Smorgy- they seem to be following you around ;)

    Indeed, matie… like a pack of M&M… ;) Too bad they aren’t edible.

    • Gosh, Smorgy and the Maiden lasses… so funny.. ‘not edible’… You made my day!!! hello every body! have a nice week…(so to speak at work…)

  8. Hoorah! New input! New operatic brains! You are really welcome KateK and thank you for your contribution. It is indeed a good thing to have ideas from this side of the pond. In fact it looks like we are about to go global girls :)
    You do not identify the photos though – is that bit too easy?

    • hurrah, white shirt going global! perhaps we can make a map of white shirt dots around the world. greetings Yvette, Dominic, KateK, jcmwee, DtO, smorgy and Eyes from autumn-y east coast!

      (note am dodging the homework assignment ;-))

  9. Hey, thanks for the solutions, Eyes! :) I love these quizes… Amazing how even among such august company a few of these voices are still much easier to identify than others, ay?

    • And my pleasure to complie them Smorgy! I’m learning so much myself by these flights of fancy but I must be careful not to lose the answers which nearly happened the week I went away recently :)

      • Hahahaha! So that’s why we waited for the final answers for so long!

        But in all seriousness: I am now resigned to the fact that I could never pick Sophie Koch’s voice from a crowd. And that Howells’ is mostly a visual, not so much an audio Octavian for me.

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