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  1. Hi Eyes, just a small update from a rather wet Dresden. What can I say…Octavian was glorious. My audiorecorder quit about 5 minutes into Act III, but fortunately I’ll have two more opportunities to try to make a decent recording of Garanca’s performances. Somehow my attempts in the past got jinxed, or somthing, ’cause I haven’t been able to come up with a decent one. I’ve kept my fingers crossed because the prospects didn’t look too good, with the Elbe overflowing. Kozena’s performance at the Handel Festival in Halle got cancelled and the Semperoper announced that they couldn’t get the scenery in on time due to the floodbarrier. They simply had to make due with what was already there. I’m not complaining, though….
    Catch you later,

  2. Hi Kate – I was hoping you would stop by with Dresden news. I have been looking for reviews and pics but nothing so far although I did read that the first two performances would have scenery restrictions but not the third.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay and if you have anything to share we would be delighted!!

  3. Still nothing from the Dresden press? Seems a bit odd, even with the focus being (understandably) on the flood now…

    • You’re right. I’ve been searching the Internet, but only came up with the article Eyes already posted. Strange. It must be the flood; I can’t imagine Frau KS Garanca’s coming to Dresden is of no interest !

  4. Tomorrow, Saturday the 13th , Elina Garanca will be on German television: SWR, Menschen der Woche at 21.50 h (continental time). SWR has a website with a Mediathek / Sendung Verpasst possiblity, so perhaps we can see it there aftwerwards.

  5. Hi CorXy, The only complete production that’s available is the live in HD transmission from the Met, but it’s not on dvd as far as I know. There’s an introduction to her Sesto in Vienna that’s available on You Tube (about 1/2 hour) and there are some scenes from the Hermann production (Paris ’06) with Antonacci, as well. Her Berlin Sesto is only available in audio and I haven’t been able to track down anything from her first Sesto at the Volksoper in Vienna except some pictures.
    I’d say the Met production is your best bet.

    • Thank you so much for all the info Kate and thanks Eyesometric for this page! :) I’ve seen pretty much all Elīna clips on YT now! I wish they’d just record all her performances and put them on DVD! :D Thanks again!

  6. In a recent interview she mentioned she’s releasing a book sometime after the second baby is born. Does anyone know more about this?

    • As far as I know it’s an autobiography in German. There is a male co- author. The book will be released in the fall in Germany.

      There will be some changes after the second pregnancy ! In the interview Garanca tells she will be saying goodbye to the trouser roles ( 😢) and that she will move towards soprano roles. Interesting.

      • Thank you for the heads up Filippo – I do hope it will get an English translation too. Not sure if I’m stoked about the announced move towards soprano roles though. Admittedly I am a bit tired of Carmen and her Spanish repertoire, but there are many great sopranos and only a couple of great mezzos.

        • Maybe she will be going for the Zwischenfach roles? Santuzza is surely such, she was scheduled for Didon this year and I think she would be a fabulous Kundry too.

      • Thank you. To be honest, I was among the many people who discovered this page during her first pregnancy googling “Garanča baby” :D I do feel it’s quite difficult to connect to fans as we’re such an international crowd, not to mention keeping track on Elina’s interviews in international media, new videos and news in general. You’ve created a great resource here.

  7. Hi there, I follow the blog since a moment and I wanted to say a big thank you for the blogger and all the people who help it. <3 It's so useful and rich of informations ! If you please, here's the little part of a French fan of Garanca : here a galery of a lot of pics I collected from Elina Garanca, if possible in HD. Nothing of unknown, but yet, maybe it will please you. And this is a review that I’ve made (in French, sorry) when Elina Garanca came in Paris in October 2012 for her solo concert. I couldn’t take pictures at this concert unfortunately, sorry. Anyway, thanks to you all !

  8. Our Spanish friends will be able to see Garanca in the Auditorio of Oviedo on the 8th of May 2014. She will sing, a.o., Dvorak, Bizet, Massenet, Gounod. The Oviedo Filarmonica, conducted by Karl Mark Chichon, will be there as well. Details on the Auditorio website.

  9. OMG OMG I’m going to the concert in Paris. I’m taking the ticket right now. Thank you so much for the information. Hard choice between the first and second place, actually. But I’m going.

  10. I’ve uploaded two other videos from the Baden-Baden gala :) Also the whole concert will apparently be broadcasted on SR 2 on October 5.

  11. Another performance in 2014. Garanca will be at the Opera Royal de Wallonie at Liège (Belgium) on May 2. There is no information on the program, but I presume it’s the Lieder.

  12. You’re perfectly right about the Requiem of Verdi with Barenboim, Kaufmann and Pape – it’s certainly the broadcast of the live recording from 2012. ;)

    • It’s the *Arte* bit that worries me in translation rather than the work or artists. I never know if it is TV or radio and what time zone it is – can you help please? Should it be available to other countries?

      • Yes, sure ! For this one it’s Arte TV, the Requiem being at 22.15 (10.15) the Sunday for the time zone of France (UTC+2 if I’m right). It’s also written you can find this special day and its shows until seven days after the 20 October (replay : arteliveweb.com/verdi ). Generally Arte is available in France and Germany only (for free), as far I know. Except if you know the way to watch this TV from another country, I don’t know if it’s possible. Maybe you can access to it through the website when it be in replay ? :/

  13. I like the title of this book : only the shoes matter ! A humourous and down to earth approach to divaship … Can’t wait.

    Don’t forget : at 22.00 H tonight (continental time) at the ZDF the ECHO Klassik award gala with EG !

    • Oh you are a poppet ( that’s a good thing by the way! ) I had forgotten this and buried it half way down the page. I’m working tonight so can you please let me know if it is archived?

  14. A short interview with her after the ceremony.

    And thank you so much for posting the link to the on demand video – couldn’t watch it live yesterday.

  15. According to the Festspiele’s website, Garanca will both have a lieberabend (Brahms/Rachmaninov) and sing the title role in La favorite.

  16. Hi again, the concert on the French radio, I confirm, will be broadcast at 2 O’clock in the afternoon, and normally you can listen to it in live on the website (click on the little button “audio” in the head of the page in the left, next to “en direct”.) Not sure about it but maybe there will be probably a podcast of it.
    For the concert supposed to be recorded for Arte TV, I look for on the website, but nothing for now. :(

    • You are SO kind, Kate. Thank you for sharing your experience. The next 6 months? who knows, but it is certain there will a scramble for the first news of the baby :)

  17. I’ve got a call from the Palais-Royal (Paris) : the concert is reported to the 23rd of June. Beginning of April was probably too short after maternity, of course ;)

  18. Hi Eyes,
    While I was “Spring” cleaning I stumbled across 4 old FLV’s of Garanca’s performance at the Mirjam Helin Contest in 1999 and uploaded them immediately.
    That’s right, folks…Baby Garanca on You Tube. Don’t know how long they’ll last, though.
    So Enjoy!!!

  19. The MET has published its program 14/15 today. Garanca will be Carmen again. She will share the role with Anita Rachvelishvili, There will be three Don José’s : Roberto Alagna, Alexandrs Antonenko and Jonas Kauffman. Dates : 30 th September until November 1st and February/March 2105.
    On the 8th of February 2015 she will perform with the MET Orchestra : Bergs 7 Early Songs.

  20. It seems that Elina Garanca will sing Cavalleria Rusticana with Roberto Alagna in 2014-2015 at the Opera Bastille (France) : Roberto Alagna said in a Q&A Facebook that he will sing with Elina for Carmen and “Cavalleria à Bastille”. Don’t know if she’ll be the mezzo or soprano role…can she do the soprano role in technic terms ? The programm of Bastille isn’t released yet. (https://www.facebook.com/RobertoAlagna.Tenor/posts/700541459986444:0)

  21. All appearances in May (Liege, Amsterdam,Berlin) are announced on Garanca’s Facebookpage. It would seem that her Babypause ends on May 2…

  22. Garanca has put I Capuleti e i Montecchi in Munich in June on her Facebook. I was getting nervous about it (ordered tickets for the 18th) , but it seems my dream will come true …

  23. Hi Eyes,
    Garanca will also be doing Berlioz’s La mort de Cleopatre on tour with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in November in Amsterdam (14), Brussels (16), Luzern (17) and Vienna
    (18). Online ticketsales in the Netherlands start in June. So Filippo could probably manage to catch her on our home turf as well.

      • And one more yet : following the schedule on Deutsche Grammophon, Elina Garanca is announced in Paris the 14th of July with the French National Orchestra (Daniele Gatti in director). As I didn’t find other details and following the date, maybe will she sing a song or two for the traditional classical concert at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, for the Bastille Day (French National Day).

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