9 comments on “White Shirt Weekend: Three’s a crowd!

  1. Hey, I hadn’t noticed all that before. Now that you put all these screenshots together for us, though, … Thanks for an excellent excuse for me to start another Zurich Rosenkavalier re-viewing weekend, Maestra! :D Things sure are looking rosy already!

      • Just watched it. I think you are definitely onto something with the trees/other barriers.

        Also, do you know what the blue stuff was in the meat grinders in the kitchen in Act II? Do the Faninals eat Smurfs?

        • Good choice of study matter for this weekend!
          I have to admit to overlooking completely the blue stuff in the kitchen – may need another viewing ;)
          That blue stuff in the mincer is remarkable – it makes no progress no matter how much she turns. Those Smurfs must be very tough!

  2. love the photos :-). i always thought the perfectly-centered placement of that _old_ man was entirely on purpose, and i was always intrigued by the triangle placements of the 3 singers all sitting before the final trio… and noticed that tree in the final duet, but never put them together :-) . i convinced it’s intentional, with perhaps hidden messages only sharp Eyes can catch!

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