21 comments on “An antidote

  1. Just lovely, thank you. Although you missed out the sound of leather hitting willow, oh and ducks quacking . Was that you snoring at the end??😴

    • Greetings Doc. Making Hay while the sun doesn’t shine? I have to admit that the sound of cricket does nothing for me at all but the duck sounds were a glaring omission. I am told I rarely snore 😇!!

      • Shwmai Missus Eyes! Actually it was quite sunny in Hay yesterday and the Beacons were topped with snow so we were very lucky. Hoping that your part of the country remains flood free. Darn that stupid stuck jet stream!

        • I’m not near the river or the coast so the damage is limited to fallen trees and traffic diversions so I am constantly tuned to local radio. Did you go to Booths for the treacle tart?
          And – are still stuck *having * to go to the hostelry for wifi?

  2. Blackbirds and purring cats, those I agree with! Also the sound of ping pong (table tennis) balls – I never cared much for the sport (or any sport) but I love the sound…

  3. Whatever you were doing to the cat at the end of the clip, she really really likes it! :D Thanks a bunch for this magical clip, Eyes. I can’t imagine being stuck in cold English winter weather for days on end. We had a lousy wet day yesterday (and unfortunately I had to ride my bike in it after dark and felt thoroughly miserable. I think the only critters that enjoyed it were the ducks!). But today was nice and dry again. We Californians are such wimps!! But we enjoy these lovely sounds and visage nonetheless!

    Wishing you and everyone a very happy weekend!

    • Yes – real life has to go on even in rotten weather. I had the surreal experience last night of testing out video footage on the inner walls of a 13th century parish church. It was pitch dark and the elements were doing their worst outside and there was an eery glow inside. I half expected the police to arrive thinking there were burglars afoot. Driving home was a nightmare but I can be safe and warm over the weekend :)

  4. We went to the Black Lion for lunch and a delicious pint of Wye Valley ale. I knew you had recommended a hostelry just couldn’t remember which one so it looks as though we’re going to have to go back soon to test the treacle tart!
    Still no wi-fi or phone 😠
    As for the do in the local church perhaps police thought you were Ingrid Pitt – from beyond the grave 👻
    Keep dry and safe.

  5. Hi from N Z…Thanks, Eyes, for the lovely evocative sounds…I enjoy listening to languages even when I don’t understand everything, and over the weekend, I hosted three young German chaps related to friends of mine in Germany. Round the table with me, die alte Frau, they sat for hours discussing, observing, comparing cultures, asking questions through two dinner and two breakfasts….German and English mixed…Lovely sounds…After I had washed up the last dish, I looked round for some bluebells to lie down beside, but it’s the wrong season. I hope the weather is improving in southern England.

    • Several of us wish we were more fluent in German then we could read THIS Do you get bluebells in your Spring?
      The weather today where I am is another calm before the storm scenario – blue sky and pleasantly cold but the forecast is another grim picture as it keeps coming in bands from the west. Now that the residents along the Thames are In it then the government seems to be taking more notice.

      • I just managed today to get hold of Helena Matheopoulos’ book ‘Diva, The New Generation’ (1998) with a fascinating chapter on the early career on VK. It was good to hear VK speaking in her own voice about those early roles and in particular her interpretation of characters like Charlotte (Werther) and Giovanna Seymour (Anna Bolena), and also of her work with Jonathan Miller. Do you know of any more recent book accounts? I am sure that her autobiography will be translated. There must be a translator somewhere hard at work and a publishing company about to launch it. (Have you heard hints of such an enterprise?) It’s her unique speaking voice one wants to hear.

        Bluebells in N Z….certainly in that very English of all N Z cities, Christchurch, the central Hagley Park in spring is magically full of bluebells and Japanese blossom. I lived there for 26 years and loved those corners of the Park with their deep blue in spring…and now I am planting them in my very own meadow behind my house.

        Hope there is some improvement soon in nature on your side of the world…

        • You have a meadow – fabulous!
          I have not read the book you have just acquired nor have I come across any VK accounts apart from her own. When it first came out some of us were wishing for an English version but as far as I know nothing is in the offing – I would be delighted if someone proved me incorrect :)
          Weather here variable but the country as a whole is in dire straights – now 100mph winds and drifting snow added to the mix. I console myself with plans for an Australian visit next year.

          • You are coming to Australian next year! Fantastic! Are you ‘meetable’ or is anonymity important to you? I am sometimes in Australia with family and friends there. And NZ is only a hop ‘across the ditch’ as we say and you could come and see my meadow. What time of the year are you coming? presumably summer on this side.

            I could mail you a copy of the chapter on VK…It is charming to read…if I had your address.

            I am going to write to the German publishers and enquire about the book. They should know.

            Did you know that VK is singing in Japan in Fukuoka 2nd July?….I am tossing up whether to go there!

              • Thanks so much, Eyes, for this introduction to Smorgy – if I may call her that. And a metaphorical handshake to Smorgy. I have already been exploring her website and will send my enquiry her way. I’ve also written to the publishers and expect a reply soon. Here’s hoping for a break in the weather gods.

              • Thanks a bunch for the introduction, Eyes! :) And very nice to (virtually) meet you, Moya! :) You may call me Smorgy indeed. Always a pleasure running into other VK fans on the web!

        • Loved Matheopoulos’ book. :) Alas, there’s no follow up after that.

          I have it from a very reliable source that VK’s book is supposed to come out in English translation a few years after the original German indeed… (tho you never know. Sometimes deals are made and then unmade afterward).

          Here’s hoping for a break in the weather for the British Isles, too. It is looking rather horrible out there. Wish there is some way you could divert all that rain my way (it’ll bad for cycling, but we really need water). :( Hang in there, Eyes!

  6. Very lovely, thank you! The birdie sounds certainly made my kitty sit up and take notice. By the time I got to the purring though she was busy licking up the last bit of milk in my cereal bowl. Priorities!

    Glad to hear you are surviving the weather. The sheet of ice in front of our ice has finally melted, thank goodness.

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