16 comments on “White Shirt Weekend: The Boots

  1. Hello, everyone. My name is DtO and I am a boot fetishist… um, I mean, a boot aficionado.

    Even though my last serious purchase was almost three years ago, the pair I got then are still very exciting and they still get strangers gushing on subway trains. I get a question about every third time, without exaggeration.

    http://www.dmusastore.com/p-3157-1b60.aspx this is the closest thing I could find to my model. Just imagine this gray colour with a silvery sheen.


  2. hallo, i’m thả diều (short = td) and i own no pairs of boots… unless you count this, which was my most reliable pair since 1999 and which was sent to a cobbler in seattle this past tues for repair… i would like to buy a pair since 2 years ago but don’t know where to start. I used to have a very reliable consulting team of sisters and bestfriend but they now have little kids and are no longer in service. my dream pair: hmm, but that ROH picture, *wouw*
    ps- there was a very detailed discussion about boots over at Anik’s place sometime early last year as well, in one of the exciting friday-night-discussion sessions.


  3. awesome post. And as I just said at Anik’s, I was JUST watching the Bonney/ASVO finale just post the-greatest-trio-of-all-time. How funny that I then followed that by reading these two posts. Nice way to spend a Monday morning!


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