18 comments on “White Shirt Weekend: The Eyes

  1. oh, i don’t remember that scene in Der R, but i know which part the Bulgarian Soul bit that is because i notice her raised eyebrowns everytime :-) (must be when she was done w/ her part and listening to the chorus ?). Like Der R grab very much though, seems such a tendered moment. i melt.

    those strange Garanca’s stares, like she’s looking through you :-) . I think DtO has the Bonney/ASvO dvd? will convince her to show me probably. am absolutely out of touch when it comes to these 2 singers.


    • The scene is in the kitchen when Ochs is sounding forth to Sophie’s father & the young couple keep catching each other’s eye – sweet! Anne Sophie von Otter ( don’t abbreviate as DtO will get very cross ;) )& Barbara Bonney make a fabulous final duet, I only wish it could have been Dame Kiri in the trio instead of Felicity Lott.


    • Yes, lovely Rosenkav stills, but I wish Eyes caught the one which always makes my heart race: when La Bonney, all weepy and resigned, places her right hand on Octavian’s chest. And they stay like that for a while. However hard I try, I *cannot* stop thinking, Oh my god, her hand is on von Otter’s breast. [SUE ME. Can’t forget it.]

      I know many Octavians get costumed by using the techniques of Drag Kinging (heck, opera invented Drag Kinging), which includes various forms of chest binding and flattening. But none of that changes the fact that *her hand is on the other woman’s breast*. Forget about Kleiber’s orchestral tapestry, blah blah. That other stuff is barely noticeable.


  2. O. M-eye. Goodness.

    Damn fine work youngster. Why a very fine selection indeed. Must say, I am rather partial to the green/hazel combination myself. Speaking of which… Suzette, hurry up and close the tent flap, the desert can be quite chilly at night you know!


  3. See, I knew there was a reason why I was saving this to drool over, er, read once the moving craziness calmed down…I have never understood why Garanca is looking elsewhere when she has the lovely Ms. Bonney Right. There. In her arms. Focus, woman!


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