6 comments on “White Shirt Weekend: Flying

  1. Perhaps those in attendance can explain what is the deal with that glove? Totally distracting from the rest of the (perfect) ensemble…


    • oh Eyes, where did Purity have theory about glove? :-)
      Yes, the peculiar glove, combining with young Erraught, gave a very odd look on stage i must say. This is the scene of Romeo and Tebaldo duet, with each of them sporting the same glove. Instead of drawing their swords, they stare at their respective out-of-body-experienced glove while aiming for the various corners of the triangle on stage.

      So the duet starts with each showing the glove to each other. Then Tebaldo grabs Romeo’s glove (and her throat) to “Stolto! a un sol mio grido “, then each heads to their respective corner on the stage to sing their “io ti sprezzo”, then converge on the same triangle corner, then diverge on various corners again. Each time, they stare at their respective glove while singing (it really looks on stage like the glove is taking over Erraught’s arm while she screaming “help”, think X-files). Then at some point, Giulietta’s funeral arrives, and that’s when Romeo spreads her wings (not a good position i’d say, not optimizing the female body, making it looks like she’s being put on a cross or something). Tebaldo meanwhile has his freedom to move his arms about. Then, Romeo goes back to face the wall in the corner, then rushes out again in front of the audience to spread wings yet again for the final lines of the duet. Finally, she walks hastily (not running, not showing any emotion, just sort of walking quickly) off the stage! The whole scene is quite disjoint in my opinion. Tensions are not built due to the various poses they seem to “have” to get into instead of developing the music. As I said, with good instincts this staging idea might work. otherwise, it really looks like they’re too worried to get into the right corner or fighting with their own gloves.


      • Heavens. What a picture you paint. I will listen with this picture in my mind but can’t help thinking some folk ( particularly young ones who may go to an opera for the first time! ) will be very disappointed at the lack of swords and fighting. Symbolism is all very well but I for one need it to be believable !
        For PM glove theory look under ” welcome to the club” comments ;)


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