5 comments on “Il Trovatore from the Met. on BBC radio

  1. thanks for the alert, Eyes!

    Saw Álvarez in this at ROH a few years back, with Naglestad and an amazing Stephanie Blythe, but I’ll take this Saturday program, as well – curious to hear how Álvarez sounds now, and what line Armiliato goes for.


  2. Just tuned in in time to hear Azucena tossing her own sun in the fire :-). hope you’re recovering well from the wedding (i didn’t realize such a thing happening until i saw it here on your site :-D) and now listening to nice music from Verdi.


    • oops, “son”, not “sun” . would be amazing if she could have a sun of her own and i wonder vhat actually would happen if you toss a sun into a fire :-D


    • Heavens, Dr. T, you must be one of the few people on the planet who escaped pre-wedding fever! The ceremony was very beautiful and the music stunning – I’m sure it’s on YT. I particularly enjoyed the new anthem from Rutter & it was good to see millions of people on the streets of London being good-humoured, considerate and joyful. As to a sun in a fire …. sounds rather apocryphal. ( spelling? ) Not able to listen to Verdi myself but hope you enjoy.
      N.B. Anna Bolena with Nebtrenko and Garanca on Thurs. 9am your time. Details in post on Tues.


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