5 comments on “White Shirt Weekend: the Wedding Music

  1. Playing catch-up — on retreat w/out telly/computer so I missed the whole shebang. Being the child of a fine church organist, I would’ve liked to hear the St. Columba (very fine hymn tune), the Vaughn Williams Rhosymedre, and the Widor of course, which my mother could play the bejeezus out of in her day. Did they sing “Love Divine…” to Hyfrydol? Any other setting just does not work, in my opinion…


    • Welcome back towanda and hope you are refreshed in many ways. The music was fabulous – I love the new Rutter. I’m afraid it was Blaenwern and not Hyfrydol but it was sung with gusto. It was lovely to have a whole day with the whole country being nice to each other and good humour in abundance. Your mother sounds like a force to be reckoned with!


  2. Had to look up Blaenwern (why yes, yes I do have a collection of hymnals, and isn”t that a good thing?) and again I say, “Love Divine…” should only be sung to Hyfrydol, perhaps the greatest hymn tune ever.

    And my mother is a force to be reckoned with, indeed (and who do you think taught me to “collect” hymnals??)!


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