4 comments on “White shirt weekend: Weaponry

  1. Ahh ! You make the world a happier and dreamier place with your postings! By the way which opera are the last two photos from ?


    • Why thank you Ma’am!
      Do you mean the gun and the flute? If so Anja Harteros is Alcina ( Vienna 2010 ) and VK is Ruggiero in Alcina, Munich 2005. Smorg has posted the trailer on YT but sadly there is not a video.
      Good to have you visiting again!


  2. I was worried you’d miss that pistol photo, but to my delight, it was right at the end ;-). can you believe, Suzette told me that production with pistol was even much more wonderful than the one with Frau Harteros holding the magic wand? Here’s to hoping Munich might revive the production, after next year leather and sword with Netrebko :-)


    • I couldn’t resist the opportunity to display the gun/army fatigues/DMs again. ;) judging by the trailer I can believe what Suzette said.
      Welcome back!


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