16 comments on “White Shirt Weekend: Particular Partos

  1. i’m trying hard not to read other’s guesses so far…
    #1) sounds like Renata Pokupic! could be Troyanos?
    #2) definitely non-mistakenly Cecilia Bartoli
    #3) sounds like Joyce
    #4) ohhhhhh, i know this voice, i know it!!!!!! LIKE!!!! (why is it so short???)
    #5) Garanca
    #6) Susan Graham?
    I’m unsure about #3 & 6, but 6 sounds rounder, whereas #3 has a sharper attack on the note, so i still think #3 is Joyce.

    tell me tell me teacher, am i right???


  2. Hey Eyes. Another gem of a contest! :D I think:
    1. Tatiana Troyanos
    2. Cecilia Bartoli
    3. Joyce DiDonato
    4. Vesselina Kasarova
    5. Elina Garanca
    6. Susan Graham

    I think I got #2, 3, 4, 5 on first go, but wasn’t sure about TT and SG after first try. I listened to the whole thing in one go and leaned toward TT (she has the sweeter voice of the two and not as clear diction). CB was extremely easy… her own voice and a lot of Italiana fire! JDiD was also quite easy more because of the way she uses her voice than because of its timbre. VK… what can I say? Gotta be deaf to mistake her for anyone else. EG… the coldest of the bunch. I was surprised that I didn’t find her voice that distinguishable on its own (had you not included the list of singers I’d have had a harder time identifying that voice). Flawless technique but no face behind it. SG, a much brighter voice from the rest of the bunch, though had to double check with #1 again.

    Thanks a bunch for another great exercise, Eyes! :D


    • It’s no good – I will have to make things more difficult in the future. The White Shirt Women obviously know their Mezzos! [ so what’s new? ]
      Sorry Dominic – the 3 ladies were correct first time but thank you everyone for visiting. See you next time!


  3. Troyanos, but not really sure…
    Bartoli, without any doubt.
    Di Donato
    Must be Graham then.

    But I’m not sure about DiDonato and Graham. Hmpf! I will make a counter-tenor guessing game I think, but this will be far easier^^


      • Wohoo — that was by accident, I swear. I have neither listened to DiDonato much yet nor to Graham, also the youtube compression does weird things to the color of a voice so I wasn’t at all sure.
        Thanks a lot for this game, I like those a lot — can we humbly demand more? ;) (I’ll try and put together maybe a counter-tenor guessing game, or one with a Rossini aria — not yet sure.)


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