20 comments on “White shirt weekend: Fender Frolicks

    • I don’t mean to cause stress Dr. T.
      Enjoy the football final and perhaps have a go when/if you have time. I will leave this here for a while and I will keep adding clues if nobody gets it!


    • Some phrases in there repeat; also, not a very complicated melodic line, I don’t think. Whereas the aria itself is sad, the electro-rock version sounded like something that’s been forcefully cheered up; an originally melancholy melody turned happy-disco (and ugly). So that’s some of the reasoning behind my guess.


  1. Hey Eyes!
    Sorry, matie, I’ve been caught up hacking at the kitchen’s leaking faucet (the damn thing kept leaking after 2 installations. Think I’ve finally got it in good now, though… fingers and toes all crossed and entangled). Then I found the Sat3 video of VK on Annette Dasch’s Salon ( http://www.3sat.de/page/?source=/theater/programm/155424/index.html ), then of course, there was the women’s world cup football finale (and the tour de France broadcast). :D

    Anyhow! Whoa, good one, this quiz! Did you play the mix yourself, too?

    Er… err… errr…. Not the beginning of the Werther letter scene by any chance? (can’t cross more fingers, unfortunately. I’m typing with my nose now).


    • Gosh your nose typing is good! but I’m afraid it’s not Werther. I will think of some more clues today and see if anyone is enlightened. Sorry for your faucet saga ( a much more interesting word that the british tap ) and thankyou for the interview lead which I will enjoy at my leisure today – how do you find these things?
      I’m not a Fender player, so much of this is down to technology ;)


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