5 comments on “White Shirt Weekend …. Admirable advice.

  1. thanks Eyes, what a contrast between such a young artist and an experienced one eh! and i didn’t see that fb photo before! It’s nice to hear Frau K’s opinion about other singers too. I have to admit I’m slowly appreciating Netrebko now. Her voice is indeed very warm and she is a lot more involved in the acting from what I heard recently (couldn’t bring myself to finish watching Anna Bolena last Apr though). It’s just the circus that comes with her (AN) that is too much (and the cause of my anticipated misery for sure next year trying to obtain tix to hear her and Frau K dueting as Romeo and Giulietta :-) ) . Did you ever see the interview by Elina Garanca when she was very young and said she admired VK very much. So when they offered her a contract to sing with VK, she didn’t care what it was, as long as she got to sing alongside VK :-). If u watch the curtain call of Tito in salzburg, you’ll see the respect is mutual.


    • Yes, I love that curtain call. There’s a lovely VK smile to the left which I once tried to capture but I messed it up. I’m glad it was Garanca on the Tito video- I believe the other Annio was Ernman? – even though EG had eyes which did not focus on the matter in hand!!
      For early Netrebko try the video which is on my previous post about odd concertos – it must be very challenging to sing a song without words!
      I’m totally shocked that I found a photo before you ;)


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