12 comments on “White Shirt Weekend: waiting

  1. Move over Alice there’s a new Ruggerio in town ! ( but dont go too far!) The Lady Harteros is new to me she looks great in those costumes not entirely sure about the wig ?


    • So, a Harteros newbie huh. Many delights in store for you then! We should just get Dr. T going about her favourite “strangling” aria or the Hippy Hippy Shake ;)
      PS. Did you know she was a Cardiff winner?


    • ah, the wig, it’ll grow on you i think, along w/ Lady H… aahhh
      just put in my order, so excited. won’t get it for another month though. as Smorgy said, they always release later here in US.
      and thanks Eyes for all the mentions, that was soo hard for me to leave Vienna ;-)


  2. So kind of you putting all the relevant links on one post! :D I can’t wait for my DVD to arrive. Hopefully the computer will play it if the DVD player doesn’t. I’m pretty sure some critics will pan it, but from all the clips I’ve seen I’m highly optimistic indeed. Thanks for a really cool start to another White Shirt Weekend, Eyes! :)


  3. Hey, Dr. T, nice to see someone around – it’s been strangely quiet today. That little alteration you mentioned will be made asap.
    I haven’t placed my order yet – I’m trying to justify £30+ for a video I already have, allbeit in chunks with German subtitles all over it.
    I see it is coming to Amazon but is not yet available there. Where do you order from?
    PS. Have you seen this? http://arcadia.at/sites/dynamic.pl?action=shop&item=328&group=4


    • ah, greetings Eyes, it could be the last days of summer and everyone is running outside enjoying last bit of it (i sure was, lovingly humid here :-) ). Yes i’ve seen the book mentioned somewhere (on some blog, the english version…). Re alcina, i got mine on amazon, which is why i’ll have to wait another month. that price is quite steep, given that it’s even cheaper in US (less than $30 + free shipping). You can always wait a couple of years and pick up the used version :-). some of the amazon site in USA ship abroad no? (though not sure if the shipping price is justified…)

      ps- are you out tomorrow? i’ll be tuning in to Frau K’s marguerite.


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