11 comments on “White Shirt Weekend: Clever Captions 3

      • I’ll be Euroside at the time and will work hard to make it to more than one. I’m also going to at least 2 or 3 in Munich. The cast in Munich is generally quite superb (Pape, Kaufmann) but Harteros’ Elisabetta should not be missed who can logistically make it.


      • Well, due to various constraints I have only seen the first act or so, but yes Frau Harteros seems to have a certain.. Er.. Presence and power. I almost don’t want to see it to the end knowing she will loose Ruggerio!


        • Hmm. Know I what you mean. I tend to watch in episodes – some more than once ;)
          But I LOVE the recit. which was usually missing from those excerpts on YT. One day we must compile a list of alternative endings for this opera. Lots of operas in fact.


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