13 comments on “White Shirt Weekend: Keep Fit.

  1. If I can still touch my toe while keeping my legs straight at age 46 I’ll be one happy toe-toucher indeed! :D Thanks for more instructional video, Eyes. I don’t think I can pull the sheer blouse off, but will definitely give the shoulder twirls a try! ;) Happy weekend!!!


  2. I love this post of yours! so nicely done … so funny as well! don’t you think she is even stretching her toes at the end because literally he was giving her the creeps…


    • Certainly looks like it, Yvette and some of the video footage was pretty toe-curling!
      Glad you like the post – I am having great fun learning new skills in iMovie :)


      • iMovie resists me. I have tried making videos with my picts on some arias and I do not succeed.( I think it is not properly installed) . iTines is sometimes annoying because it opens all the time. I am a poor technician… But I enjoy my Apple . now Iam getting ready for the concert chez vous! so it is not bad, is it!


        • I would say the concert chez moi is all you need for the moment! I probably won’t manage it live but would love your thoughts as you listen ( there may be others who join in ? ) Enjoy. Perhaps with some home grown fruit?? :)


  3. Having just been to the masseuse at the university sports centre for the first time in years and been told my back feels like a brick (for all the wrong, tense, tight reasons!) this will come in most handy!!!


  4. hihihi, am enjoying greatly the video too! (but Eyes, you forgot the finger stretching right after breathing and just before singing ;-) ), and i saw a small fraction of this exercise routine (toe stretching included) in her previous documentary too.
    hey, i follow through all stretching moves, including hair shuffling, before each time kicking ball too! missing is *only* sheer outfit… vocal chord also stretches several times but more along the line of “AHHHHH” everytime the ball buzzes past me…


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