20 comments on “White Shirt Weekend …….. Bosom Buddies

  1. Dunno, matie. My brain would be in deep freeze if I were to trade place with le Coote prince… too daze to hold any thought at all! ;)

    What would we do without Der Rosenkavalier or Alcina or Cherubino, ay? Happy weekend to you, too! :D


  2. Ah this reminds me of a pop lyric
    “Everyone needs a bosom for a pillow”
    Rather a pleasant sentiment I think.
    Re the (getting down to) business aspect of the rolled up shirt sleeves is there something to be said for a nice pair of cufflinks ? What about White Pants – usually boxers?


      • I actually saw that in the theater. Twice. Front row for one of the performances. I was in Munich for other reasons but had I the means and the time it would so absurdly have been worth the effort to go for this alone.


        • t.w.i.c.e! i jealous… that’s the same amount of time i *missed* her performances, one she canceled and one i had to cancel… what was your impression of the performances? we’d love to hear (even though this is not my blog :-D)

          meanwhile, a new pix of Carmen has popped up.


          • I was almost too immersed in enjoying all the luxury to form an impression.

            Her movement was fluid and graceful, her general attitude effortlessly regal/commanding/playful/wistful/(somewhat) pained/ as called for, her singing liquid, rich, supple almost offensively effortless. There are just so many ways to get the Marschallin wrong: she can be common, desperate, reticent, aloof and a whole bunch of other icky things. By contrast its exceptionally difficult to get her “right”. Obviously what “right” is might vary from one listener/viewer to another but the text and music do set some parameters and for my taste Harteros’s was a remarkably well judged and sensitive depiction. If there is any, however tiny, criticism that I might proffer it is that her performance lacked just the last bit of feeling, the last measure of poignancy to qualify for a truly epic reading but it was more than superb for a first (and third) outing in the role and we can expect that to develop over time. She should have at least half and hopefully over a decade of vocal prime and as the photo that prompted my comment demonstrates she is getting becoming more stunning by the month.

            I may not be objective but I don’t think there is any singer who performs any role with greater vocal and physical accomplishment than this (including Anja in her other endeavors). We can only hope that whoever makes these decisions will see fit to document her progress on it on video starting immediately and continuing as her interpretation develops. In the meantime no remotely plausible opportunity to see her in this should under any circumstances be missed.


            • “In the meantime no remotely plausible opportunity to see her in this should under any circumstances be missed.”
              :-) . well, 2011 was a year of misses. let’s hope for better luck in 2012. one should say the same thing about her “alcina”, or perhaps of all her performances based on what I’ve read in various blogs.

              Thanks so much for your description too. i’m “refusing” to read in to this too much, otherwise i’d be thinking too hard about my missed opportunities :-)


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