7 comments on “White Shirt Weekend: Here’s looking at you!

  1. Cing cing! I’m still slaving away with the math, so will have to hold the champagne until it is all done (I can hardly add correctly as it is with a sober head!). Hope you and the lasses are having a good start to the spooky weekend! :D


  2. dô! such pleasant picture to start the day :-). some friends were asking me what we say for cheers and were amused by the sound “yo” (<– dô, you have to hear us say it to catch the sound, this is different than the english "d" sound, which is " đ " for us). it's actually "vô" = in (down the throat to the stomach) but the southern vietnamese never pronounce "v" correctly so all v/d become "d". Did you know this is generally why the southerners have much harder time with spelling than northerners? i done with vietnamese language mini-history session :-). greetings from very-brief-stayed Boston! have a wonderful friday night!


  3. This DVD is a gold mine! What a good idea, linked to our different parts of the world… we all celebrate like this, and yet some are more suspicious than others… when they say ‘santé ‘ ‘chin-chin’! Cheers to you all !


    • Yes! it is a tradition, probably dating from the Renaissance because of the ‘poison’ fashion which came from Italy. (all the operas where some poison is poured in the drinks…) If your so called friend had a dark plan, try to stare and watch if he drinks first and embarras him with your staring at , that is I think the tradition of looking in the eyes. Now it is more affectionate that trustul, this gesture… I think!


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