6 comments on “White Shirt Weekend: Jurinac

  1. This is so clear, thank you Eyesometric. I do not know her very well either, she is a great mezzo though ! What is amazing is that she never agreed to sing at the Met. I think of Shirley Verrett who also sang mezzo and soprano repertoire with equal success. Have a peaceful week-end !


    • Welcome Charlotte! (hope I got that right!)
      Certainly a voice which makes you wish you had discovered it many moons ago. Lots of clips on YT and the production is apparently available on blueray and VHS (!) at Amazon.


      • Yes, you got it right – I’m Charlotte :)

        That film is on my list of ‘stuff to buy as soon as fall term is over’ – something to look forward to. I’m not as familiar with Strauss as I’d like to be, but with luck I’ll be correcting that soon.


        • I’ve just been over at your place trying to compare Kirkby and Brandes but the darn video won’t play. Perhaps it’s because I’m on the iPod. I’ll try again tomorrow with better equipment!


        • better equipment! whoohoo :-) . yes, i head over to Charlotte’s as well for Purcell and Ms. Kirkby. also on list is that Rodelinda thingy, seems like everyone has been buzzing about it as well…

          Ah, Strauss, that’s how i got introduced to the marvelous Malin Hartelius in the first place…


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