16 comments on “White Shirt Weekend: masterclass.

  1. Heh, I don’t know, Eyes… I don’t think I would retain anything from the lesson… I’d be too distracted and sensorial-overloaded…. if not unconscious altogether! :D


  2. i come to see the white snow landin’ on the vhite shirt…
    oh, did you know one can control the direction and speed of the snow with the maus? (discovered that just now…)
    had a very nice gathering with a few friends to show them Alcina this evening, really lovely singing, really has a different feeling watching with group of non-opera friends, i enjoyed VK acting quite more actually… same feeling w/ Harteros singing, ahh… let it snow…


    • Yes, I’ve also been enjoying playing in the snow. It is particularly effective on dark photos like Barbara and VK with wine glass.
      I must try watching Alcina with non-converts, it obviously brings even more enjoyment. Unfortunately you can’t make it snow in the magic land as the snow goes behind the video for some reason. Do you like real-life snow? Where I lived as a child there was lots in the winter. Where I am now the people are taken by surprise, never prepared and everywhere grinds to a halt.
      I wish I could control the quantity of snowfall as well as the direction and that it would collect in a drift at the bottom. There will be plenty if snow if you do get your ship. :)


      • “collect in a drift at the bottom”
        that’d be great no? and then a breeze now and then piling things up at different corners…
        it’s always great to watch snow falling from indoor (my normal approach). boston tends to be quite dry so the snow doesn’t melt into nasty puddles, which is a recipe for foul mood :-D. it’s exciting being able to just step outside to feel the wind howling and snow flying horizontally, then quickly sneak back indoor, though i heard people with cars don’t share my enthusiasm :-D . if we get a blizzard this winter, am gonna rent a pair of skis and learn how to navigate…


        • My weather app is telling me that you have -4 at the moment whereas we have +4, Toronto has +1 and San Diego has +16!!
          Skis sound like a good idea – quick commute. I never learnt. My worst snow experience was battling from a station to a hotel in 6inches carrying a double bass and the taxis had stopped.


          • I love that you have all the sisterly cities in your weather app. Yes, above zero, that’s us. Book your next tropical vacation in Ontario.

            Skis, you say? I can’t even skate. Which here is a matter of basic literacy. My list of to-do Winter Skills is outrageously under-accomplished.

            The former Californian under the moniker Tha Dieu, however, recently even played hockey (says her Facebook corporation). I am verrry jealous.


            • yes, i was gonna suggest, register for a hockey league and your skating will improve tremendously! (on the other hand, my wrist still hurts from that nice collision + free fall 2 weeeks ago, ah now my comment is long enough for the snow to reach the comment box, how nice :-) ) . of course i got this brilliant idea after a friend once told me he improved his roller blading by registering for a roller-blade marathon! must have a thingy to chase! :-D


        • and hochiminh city is 21 with 83% humidity, *love*
          wau, carrying a double bass in 6 in snow! wait, 6in? i guess that’s miserable indeed, coz if it’s 2ft, you could really just slide your instrument along :-D


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