20 comments on “White Shirt Weekend ….. A gift

  1. Awesome! Thanks a bunch Eyes & Dr. T for this feat! :D That quite makes the holiday for me… better than going to church, imho. :)

    Wishing you both and all the readers a very happy and healthy holiday season and beyond! :D


  2. 5.18 of absolute bliss. Dear ‘White Shirts” friends, thank you all for sharing such beauties here, all my best wishes to you Eyes, Thà, and Smorgy!


    • Thank you for your kind comment, Yvette!
      I’m never sure if Christmas Greetings are appropriate as it’s difficult to imagine who celebrates this festival and who doesn’t.
      So – best wishes for the holiday season which, for you, may involve the grandchildren?


      • You are right! but tonight they are celebrating Christmas with their Mum’s relatives , so I am reading my friends’ blog! Hope you are fine too . (I like watching your snow falling on the words!)


        • Yes, the snow can be mesmirising. I like trying to count how many I can get in a certain area. That photo of a candle is very good for that because of the black background. Have you had a musical day?


          • No! Not at all..spent the day cooking and finishing the decorations… I seem to be ever so slow lately. Had no time to watch the end of afternoon Concert d’Astrée on Arte ( I keep it for a ‘rainy day’… ) I listened to your music, that’s all! and the simple tune I chose for the post… nothing much. I have so much to listen to from the Library… including the famous Capulet with Vesselina and Edita… On your side of the world where there are so many wonderful things to learn ( it is part of learning isn’t it?) I am really not tuned in lately…


  3. What a lovely end to Christmas Eve, presents under the tree, stockings on the end of the beds, having spent the day cooking and watching the kids get more and more excited – 11 is apparently not too old to believe in Santa! Thanks to the Three White Shirt Graces for a wonderful co-production. Have a wonderful holiday break, and a fantastic 2012… indeed to all the white shirts a very Mezzo Christmas and an Alto New Year :)


  4. back to the composition, i’ve been meaning to ask: was wondering if you could give a little tour guide (lines of thought) for musical-challenged me? :-)
    (ps- This wave of virtual snow is interesting to see in this 20+ degC weather…)


    • Well the first thing I wanted was the photos to tell a story and the obvious one was sunrise to sunset. That gives an A B A form to the music. So – I started with a floaty, flutey sound as the sun came up with no particular rhythm although the melody itself is in 3/4. As the sun rose and became stronger I added extra texture and, when the sun became a glowing bright orange I chose to introduce a marching rhythm to indicate its triumphant progress across the heavens. I then let that petre out and brought back the calm melody with a chiming bell to depict the departure of day as the sun sank into darkness.
      Hope that makes sense!


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