11 comments on “White Shirt Weekend: Happy new year!

  1. And สวัสดิ์ดีปีใหม่ (Thai) to you and everyone, too! :D What dreamy picture to pass into the new year thinking about!! You’ve got eyes for it, Eyes. ;)


    • Hey, Smorgy! I deliberately missed out some Asian greetings, thinking that certain folks will be doing their greetings and celebrations at a different time.( April 13th/January 23rd? ) Perhaps you do 2 lots of merry making ;)
      That script you wrote is not a greeting – it’s a work of art!


    • Hey Eyes,
      The Thais do celebrate both the international new year and the Thai new year (usually around April 12-15th – the start of the rainy season there) indeed… and many even do the Chinese new year, too. Good find with the Songkran greeting! (that one is for the Thai new year in April, when the tradition is to go out and splash water at everyone who crosses your path. Some people will even smear you with white powder mixed with water for extra coolness). :D

      I must admit, not reading Thai regularly these last few years I find it slow-going navigating Thai writing these days. It must look an interesting written language to Westerners indeed. :)

      Happy New Year to everyone! :D (Sorry I’m still not online much at the moment. Gotta get another batch of math thingy done by a deadline).


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