5 comments on “White Shirt Weekend: clever captions 4

  1. entirely not about the pix above :D, but at where she’s ripping the papers apart, i’d have loved so much to hear her take on this. You know what’s wrong with the uptight German and Zurich crowd?? no bootleg in-house recording whatsoever!! See how it’s done in Moscow?!
    i soo sad they’re retiring the production already (info from insider), so no hope of reviving w/ VK , woooooahhhhhh. we all know i’d cancel ALL meetings and clear ALL schedule in case of a reproduction of this somewhere!!!
    (and while we’re on reports, don’t forget these fabulous ones from Purity above. where’d thadieu be w/o her… and while we’re at it, the _other_ insider promised td VK’s Marguerite at some point…)


    • “where’d thadieu be w/o her… ” —
      I’m sure I wouldn’t be blogging and you might not be travelling/blogging if it were not for the inspiration of Purity/Anik/Smorg et al.
      In fact I remember some of the posts so well that it is tempting to reiterate some of the choice phrases. :)


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