12 comments on “White Shirt Weekend ….. quick quiz.

  1. ah, my most-listened to Rossini opera :-)
    Well, i got a bit confused between Horne’s and David Daniel’s voice, but here’s my first listening, will be back later for 2nd:

    1. Bartoli (also sounds like Daniela Barcellona and Bernadette Manca di Nissa)
    2. Ewa Podles
    3. VK
    4. Genaux
    5. Horne
    6. David Daniel
    7. VK

    happy friday Eyes! we currently have 24degC here!


          • do i get to cheat at go back to re-listen to various clips one again? :-D
            i know in both the 1997 recording and the recital, the tempo are on the slower side than in most other recordings, so judging by that alone, i can’t tell. i was leaning toward the recital, but the clarity of the sound makes me think it’s the 1997 recording… sooo, my final decision: it’s the… *live* one!


          • ps- oops, please ignore the broken english bit, i was too busy listening and trying to type at same time ;-) . so, after answering w/o cheating, i went back to check the cd recording… it’s the live one!


  2. Thanx for the quiz, it was great fun. I have to concur with Tha Dieu. Glad you added the pictures, otherwise I wouldn’t have guessed nr. 6 was David Daniels. Have a great weekend and please keep them coming.


    • Welcome back, Kate :) – it’s been a while!
      So we have a concensus of 2 at the moment and I am not giving any answers yet so I wonder if anyone will disagree?


  3. Didn’t get here until the weekend had passed! Dr. T nailed it, it seems, including the extra quiz, too. :D You musta been cramming on opera (and VK) recordings. Good going, matie! :D

    Thanks for another good quiz, Eyes. I hadn’t heard the David Daniel recording before. Gotta freshen up on Tancredi recordings a bit (tho perhaps not for 2 more weeks… swamped with work at the moment). :)

    Howdy Kate.

    Hope everyone is having a good week! :D


  4. Well girls, if Smorgy agrees then it MUST be right! Well done all – obviously I need to make far more difficult challenges :)
    Take it easy with the work all of you and enjoy this weather that we all seem to be having!
    …. and, Smorgy, you’ve gone all green again!


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