14 comments on “Messing about on the river

  1. I am so glad you amused yourself and offered us at the same time such a great film with gorgeous music! This is a chef d’oeuvre Eyes! (I watched the echos of this pageantry on tv 2 here and yours is much better). I am expecting one day or another a great exhibition at Buckingham of the Queen’s Canaletto biggest collection in the world. (That is what she dreamed of yesterday for her Celebration….)


    • I’m not sure how she got through all that standing and waving yesterday – remarkable at her age! Poor soul has a very loud concert just outside her front window tonight – not sure who thought up the artist list for that one and how much it would actually appeal to her?
      PS Canaletto


      • Didn’t see much of it – we Scots tending to absent ourselves rather from some matters – but did catch a bit on the news and like you was filled with awe at her stamina, and quite touched. Reminded me a bit of my mum who though she likes to complain of her various ailments is quite the toughest and most resilient 80-mumble year old I can imagine. Hope I am as perky as either at that age!!

        Whatever one’s views on Royalty (and mine are certainly not in the Royalist camp), it would be a cold heart indeed that couldn’t recognise what a hard working and dedicated old lady she is. Or what a fun knees up that was.

        Thanks for the lovely son et image Eyes.


      • Lucky you Brits! (not including Cat…I should add the wink sign… ignorant of this language as I am ) When I wrote this dream of Canaletto exhibition I was ignorant of this major detail… sometimes I blame myself for doing hardly anything but this is worth it, through the web and friendly souls you enlarge your scope tremendously… Big Hugs Eyes!


        • … “but this is worth it, through the web and friendly souls you enlarge your scope tremendously” This phrase is lovely and has made my day.

          PS The wink sign is semi colon ; followed by closing curved bracket ) – I’m pretty new at it too!


          • Thanks Eyes;) Right you are teaching me this.
            As for the Canaletto on the wall
            this is a kind of projection, and all the details can be scrutinized. Plus the ones on show at the Maritime Museum, this is great as lots of tourists are coming for the OG. (JO for us). I asked myself a lot about popping over for Les Troyens, but really my bursar sort of protested… Yours is a fantastic link!


          • Well, when I think of you all taking part here I consider you form a sort of ‘think tank’ and it is always worth reading you and also listening to your ‘coups de coeur’… so thanks to you all! I might not be around soon but I do hope all is fine for you all through June! take care! ; ) ) ) ( let’s exaggerate a bit to show Eyes I got the message!)


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