8 comments on “Awareness – Can you spare 7 minutes? Please.

  1. Just a general comment
    If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one the best place to start would be an appointment with your GP or Family Doctor. If your loved one doesn’t want to go because there is “nothing wrong with them” then you can still see their GP to express your concerns – they can often suggest a way forward.


      • Though if you’re in that part of the world where “GP” = “Primary”, you may want to ask first if and how doing diagnostics will affect your future health insurance coverage. If you have any. If you don’t, then of course you likely don’t have anyone to ask, so problem solved.


          • Nah, yours and Sarah’s advice is good. Just in our case there may be tough shoals to navigate if our Supreme Court starts throwing out health care reform provisions. (Not that they were all that great to begin with.)


            • Lot’s of great advice, thanks Eyes. Came on the day a report into the terrible damage chronic illness does to the health of carers too. A challenge society has to get to grips with more positively, soon!


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