11 comments on “Friday Photo

  1. Hey Eyes! Hey Earworm! :D Cool shot indeed!
    I wonder if the Dalai Lama was standing on a step or something. Isn’t Prince Charles like 6′ tall? (I remember he had an inch or two on Princes Di, who was around 5’10”).


  2. Oddly he was here today (the Dalai Lama I mean). It’s been pouring with rain and foggy for days, then suddenly sunshine…

    I saw him once in much less “grand tour style” many years ago. As he walked by on a gloomy and quite chilly day I swear I felt heat emanating from him. Not and never have been religious or prone to mass hysteria, but, like acupuncture, he goes on my list of “strange things my (largely) rational mind cannot account for”.

    PS He was pretty small, though from up here a lot of people are small ;)


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