14 comments on “ROH Les Troyens – video on demand no longer available

  1. This may be sign I have been reading too many opera reviews: Last night I dreamed I was called to sing Cassandre in Les Troyens at Santa Fe (except it was all indoors), in a dress that looked suspiciously like Brunnhilde’s in the Met’s Ring (white with red stitching).

    In the dream I kept thinking two things: 1) I don’t even know this opera, much less this part, why are they asking me? And yet everyone thinks it will be just fine. Well, ok. And 2) I will never be as good as Antonacci so why bother? Well, ok.

    I was oddly calm considering.

    Note from the real world: I indeed don’t even know this opera! And, I don’t even own a dress. So, make of it what you will! Lol. ;-)


  2. Whatever you are on – can I have some please :)
    You would have to be pretty special to trump Antonacci’s performance. The whole thing was terrific. It will be interesting to see if The Space really means A World Wide Audience for the on demand viewing. Can you check in on Monday and see?


  3. I think I’m on “It’s been too hot to sleep well” delirium, not sure if you’d like any of that! ;-) Thankfully we currently have rain and cool weather, so tonight should be better. Perhaps we’ll find out if I was any good on stage! :-)

    I will try to remember to check on Monday…nudge me, maybe, if you don’t hear?


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