4 comments on “Proms 2012: Marin Alsop conducts

  1. No idea about the technicalities but am rather enjoying this. Heard her on radio 3 breakfast show has a nice maternal feel for her orchestra or maybe wifely ??


    • Got in last night just in time to see Marin rocking the encores.
      Cast a swift eye over the recording I made and agree about the caring relationship she seems to portray – and the way the section bows were done.
      Love the jacket!
      Love the rapport with pianist but the piece itself did nothing for me.
      Enjoy the conducting style which some commentators have described as “muscular” although her face did not reflect the relaxation of her body.
      Did you watch the whole thing?


      • Yes didn’t intend to watch all of it but got hooked then remembered your post so had another look. With my untutored ear/eye I enjoyed the Dvorak , the fanfares and the encores. Couldn’t really get into the Villa Lobos. 😊


        • I don’t think eye/ear needs to be tutored to form opinions. Gut reaction is just great & I often leave behind all my tutoring as it can cloud the issue.
          And next Saturday we have Jane Glover – if you have a stomach for G&S. I actually like it and have had some great productions to enjoy – particularly outdoors!


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