5 comments on “Last Night of the Proms 2012

  1. Thanks again for your educational posting! Just tuned into the Proms & was rather confused to see Danielle Di Niese playing the violin & couldn’t remember the name of an extremely famous piece. Peace restored to our household! 😊


  2. OMG! Now I’m seeing double both DdN & NB sitting next to each other!
    Also why are all the radio 3 presenters so gorgeous ? Even Petroc with his cute beard.


  3. Petroc gorgeous?? …( raises an eyebrow ) Is there something you want to tell us young Sarah?
    I’m not near a telly at the moment so will have to play catchup but glad you are enjoying it in a peaceful household! 🏠


    • Oh gosh no! I am a 100 % fully paid up member of the WS club! However I do confess to also finding Daniel Craig rather sweet and although I wouldn’t want to marry them I’m sure they’d come in useful painting the ceilings, mowing the lawn etc
      I hope you’re having an ok evening. 🌙


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