6 comments on “Last Tango in Halifax Series 2 on PBS

  1. Good luck, America. Here in New Zealand we have not yet had Series 2. We saw the first series last year and it is being repeated at present very late on a Sunday evening. Large sections have been cut in order to fit in the high number of advertisements on NZTV into the one hour slot. Thanks to you, Eyes, and the Vimeo site where you have uploaded the two parts, I have now watched the whole wonderful series many times over and recently bought my own copy of the CD which I am lending to friends. The good news…like the annunication…is that Series Three has been written and is expected to be completed before the end of the year. Oh joy! Great to see Sarah get the BAFTA for best supporting actress…Well done, British Film Institute. The whole team should get awards…including the divinely inspired Sally Wainwright.


    • I could tell t,hat something LTiH related was happening in your part of the world – I have this little gadget in the side bar which tells me which country my visitors are from for certain blog pages. Australia is pretty active just now too!
      We are due to be blessed with series 3 in November – hurrah :)


  2. That gadget could be buzzing soon indicating that Kiwis are responding to L T in Halifax Series 2. At the end of episode 6 last night, a voice announced that LT series 2 will be beginning “shortly”! The Aussies and Kiwis will be besieging your site.


  3. PBS runs it under their Masterpiece banner, which they generally archive on the PBS website for a month from date of broadcast. They used to run things commercial-free, but with stuff on the web they now insert single short ads at regular intervals (= often haphazardly in middles of scenes, which is pretty annoying but otoh it’s free).

    Cuts (which is to say censorship) used to be the work of individual PBS stations according to what they thought their local market was, so I’m not sure what they do with the web. Perhaps Eyes’s US contingent should make a project of watching the online PBS version and then comparing it with the originals :-)

    Thanks again for posting, Eyes.


    • Useful information, thank you.
      I became aware of the changes US makes to BBC programmes a couple if years ago when they massacred David Attenborough’s “Frozen Planet” They changed the narrator, the narration and the music and there was censorship over Attenborough’s ideas of global warming.
      In the lead-up to this Last Tango series they have avoided any mention of the lesbian sub-plot so there may be cuts afoot.


      • Well, yeah, I can see the global warming part being a problem for PBS, what with their funding approval at the mercy of so many Republican nutjobs who owe their offices to the Koch Brothers’ abysmally deep pockets.

        However, under the present circumstances, it would surprise me if PBS censored LTiH. On the other hand, I have been surprised before.


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