8 comments on “Friday photos

      • Neither do I. Nothing like a woman with a bit of braggadocio…What a marvellous production this must have been! A confrontation of two women where ” two raging fires meet together/ (And) do consume the thing that feeds their fury..” I can just imagine Janet McTeer being “rough and wooing not like a babe…” Why should the rappers claim “braggadocio” to themselves. Give me a girl with a bit of Shakespearean spunk! Lovely photos, Eyes, have you any more up your sleeve of similar productions….?


    • The flora in the garden are looking splendid, particularly the orange poppies which look fine against the slate pathways. But nothing too exciting on the fauna front. There is a little gang of juvenile magpies which strut around in a macho way and cause great hilarity bouncing on the rose arch. One had a go at bathing in the birdbath and had to be taught by his brother.
      Anyway – what are you doing up so late? and Clicky has you in London?


  1. Hi there! Up with a migraine unfortunately :( am having garden envy as only have grass in mine at present. But more birds coming to feeders so happy. Am still in sunny Cowbridge!


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