19 comments on “It’s never too late ….

  1. Ho Ho – hope you enjoy ! Next thing you know you’ll be going on an Olivia Cruise ( series 1 or 2 I think)
    I’ve only just discovered Orange is the new black ( kate mulgrew is in it! ) 😊📺


  2. Gasp! Not heard of Kate Mulgrew? Not seen the Captain Janeway , Seven of Nine, Borg Queen (Alice Krige) Trio in Voyager? Lots more horizons to broaden! ( Where no man has been before) 🚀


    • i might not be too far behind you Eyes, have not heard at all all these names Dr.Dog mentions! (except Captain Janeway who is on that nice slide show ToveS put together to VK’s orphee..)


      • That’s a lot of binge-watching to get through, and there are wormholes leading to all kinds of interesting Quadrants.


          • Well, one way takes you back to the 90’s, to all the conversations had in Women’s Studies Depts about gender, sexuality, and race representation in TNG, DS9, and Voyager, which will eventually take you back to people like Angela Davis and Joanna Russ and into discussions of what kinds of things were written before, were being written then, and are being written now in sf, and by whom.

            otoh, go The L Word route back into Showtime’s history of LGBT audience-courting and you will in short order run into Russell T Davies, he of Queer as Folk, the Doctor Who reboot, and Torchwood.

            Though I grant all that may only be interesting to culture nerds of a particular stripe.


  3. There’s hardly a ‘normal’ les in that show, but I couldn’t care less! ;) I’m just a bit bummed Karina Lombard wasn’t in more episodes of it. She is, like Anna Russell would say, yummy! :)


  4. Ah yes the naughty Countess, quite an operatic figure. On an entirely different note and spectrum to the L word I saw the film Cloudburst this week which was rather sweet.


  5. Enjoy – so happy there are other fellow LGBT opera fans out there who also dip their toes into non-high end culture. My vote goes to Marina, Shane and 7o9 of course ;)


    • Welcome dj7o9 – it’s good to add a new voice to the mix. And yes, there are quite a few LGTB opera fans who share their non-operatic enthusiasms. As one who has come late to the party I am learning a lot!


  6. I love any show with a lot of women in it and The L Word fits the bill admirably. I watched it so many times, I finally realized that I knew exactly what would happen in any episode just from watching the opening credits. I did a whole series on my blog at Old Ain’t Dead about just the opening credits.

    I see you also like Last Tango in Halifax, another series with wonderful female characters.

    If you can get it, you would probably like Orange is the New Black. Wonderful characters, diverse characters, and nearly all women in the key parts!


  7. British TV is on a wonderfully woman-centric path at the moment. Scott and Bailey return soon, season 3 of Last Tango and Season 2 of Happy Valley. I don’t think we ever got an airing of The L Word in UK but we did get Lip Service – I wasn’t tempted.
    I’ll pop over to your blog again to read TLW articles.


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