Support Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is a common form of dementia which affects many people world-wide.

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  • There are currently 800,000 people with dementia in the UK.
  • There are over 17,000 younger people with dementia in the UK.
  • There are over 11,500 people with dementia from black and minority ethnic groups in the UK.
  • There will be over a million people with dementia by 2021.
  • Two thirds of people with dementia are women.
  • The proportion of people with dementia doubles for every 5 year age group.
  • One third of people over 95 have dementia.
  • 60,000 deaths a year are directly attributable to dementia.
  • Delaying the onset of dementia by 5 years would reduce deaths directly attributable to dementia by 30,000 a year.
  • The financial cost of dementia to the UK is over £23 billion in 2012.
  • Family carers of people with dementia save the UK over £8 billion a year.
  • 64% of people living in care homes have a form of dementia.
  • Two thirds of people with dementia live in the community while one third live in a care home.

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Symptoms and diagnosis

Youtube page with lots of helpful videos about this condition, how to recognise it and the responsibility of being a carer.

Caring for someone with dementia

Recommended reading – remarkable and funny!  I met the author not so long ago and her story is unforgettable, tender and full of hope for all carers. Perhaps you can reach out a hand to someone today? It will mean a lot  –  to both of you.


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