Who is this ?

I work as a musician and conductor in the UK


I have experience in many kinds of music but am a fairly recent convert to the world of early opera, mezzo worship appreciation and the sharing of thoughts through blogs.

Oh, and I’m a gay woman, which could explain the LGBT posts! ;)


13 comments on “Who is this ?

  1. Thank you for the beautiful and perceptive tribute to Sena Jurinac. Much loved, she was, i think, somewhat underappreciated because she was a completely honest artist and in no sense showy. Her final London appearances were all in recital. On 25 June 1977 she had a terrific success when she replaced an ailing Elisabeth Schwarzkopf at the Wigmore Hall in a programme of Schubert, Schumann, Brahms and Strauss. On 26 February 1978 she gave one of series of Sunday recitals at Wyndham’s Theatre. This was an all Schumann programme with Brahms encores. Her final London appearance was at the Wigmore Hall (not the RFO) in a programme ranging from Dido’s Lament, through Handel, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Webern, Brahms, Reger and Strauss to the Marschallin’s Monologue and ending most appropriately with “An die Musik”. Geoffrey Parsons was the accompanist at all three recitals. I was fortunate to attend the last two of these recitals. Though the voice had darkened by 1981, Jurinac’s tone remained luminous, her artistry impeccable, and her communication with the audience second to none.


  2. Stumbled upon your page. Love it :)
    Watched the Best Bits of LTIH…it temporarily subdued the burn of having Last Tango withdrawals. ..lol…Has anyone ever compiled a video of all of Caroline and Kate clips? :)
    In chronological order?


    • Hello Lesrw and welcome. Glad to be of assistance with your withdrawals!
      I don’t know if anyone has undertaken the project you suggest. I guess it would be on YT if it does exist. I am planning The Best Bits of season 3, starting on Valentine’s Day so, see you soon!


  3. Thank you :)
    Surprisingly , we get a water-downed version of the show in North America. They have cut bits that I would have loved to have seen. Is there any chance you could put up 2 clips that are missing from our Netflixed version. 1. The scene where Caroline speaks to the students in Latin, and 2. the scene in which William sees Caroline and Kate during the exam. :)
    If possible…


    • Welcome back Lesrw. I’ll see what I can do about those missing excerpts for you. It always seems so unfair that BBC programmes are edited heavily when they go elsewhere in the world.
      Just to let you know that if you leave a comment on this page then it does not show up in the “comments and conversations” column in the side bar so it is quite easily missed!


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